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Letter: Federal workers’ unease is all for the greater good

While I do sympathize with those federal workers who now are not being paid, I also feel this is a very small price for some 800,000 workers. They are being paid for the safety and security of our country. So many have given and still do give so we all can be safe in our homes, lives and the world.

No one is asking a single federal employee to lay down his or her life. You simply have to forgo being paid for a few days or weeks. If you are a federal employee, don’t blame the president. Put the blame where it belongs; on Congress, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, who just a few years ago were all in favor of a wall, fence, barrier.

The only thing different now is the outright hatred for the president. So who suffers, as usual, while our nation suffers? Yes, we the people.

Those very same people who are the victims of the drug, crime and gangs that now flow across the borders. Everytime a gun crime is committed these very same members of Congress and Senate cry for even more gun control.

However everyday in America some illegal immigrant commits a crime, from rape to shooting a police officer, yet these same people grandstand against Donald Trump and a wall.

Harvey Schwartzmeyer Jr.

Coudersport PA

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