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'Trump Guy' episode shows 'Family Guy' can still shock

It is hard for the politically incorrect animated series “Family Guy” to shock after 17 years.

It takes no prisoners, and everyone is a potential satirical target. But I still was shocked by Sunday’s episode, “Trump Guy.”

After all, the show plays on Fox, which has the same owner as Fox News, President Trump’s right-wing support network.

I would have thought a cable or pay-cable show could get away with some of the things in the episode but didn’t expect it to be carried on a broadcast network program. Especially, not one on Fox.

Bill Brioux, a Canadian television critic based in Toronto, also was stunned.

“No Canadian show would ever go as far as ‘Family Guy’ did. Libel laws here are much stricter,” wrote Brioux in a text.

It would be hilarious if Fox News went after the Fox program but I am unaware of that happening.

(The Walt Disney Co. is buying Fox entertainment and sports programming, but the deal is not complete.)

In the animated episode, Peter Griffin moved his family to Washington, D.C. when he was hired to work for President Trump.

I don’t want to spoil many of the jokes but will tell you the president and every member of his family are skewered with some (but not all) fact-based jokes that often sound too ridiculous to be true.

The animated president is caught grabbing Griffin’s daughter Meg in an inappropriate way that the real president talked about in the “Access Hollywood” tape; Ivanka Trump talks about her father-in-law’s mind-blowing legal and family history; and Melania Trump refuses to hold her husband’s hand.

This being “Family Guy,” the jokes fly at a crazy rate and many of them land with a thud before Peter and the president engage in a lengthy (too lengthy) fist fight over how wealthy the president is that ends with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau appearing out of nowhere and saving them before flying off on the backs of geese.

In a post-script, Peter Griffin turned serious. Or at least as serious as an animated character can be. He conceded the episode wouldn’t change any minds in our divided country about President Trump before adding: “We are very frightened.”

If you missed the episode, it is available On Demand.


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