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Letter: Watch for the motivations of both parties in shutdown

Watch for the motivations of both parties in shutdown

While most of us are contemplating the government shutdown and border security debate, let us not forget how we are being manipulated by both political parties who seem more bent on who has power and who does not, then actively arriving at a bipartisan solution to this problem.

The welfare of immigrants seeking asylum aside, we the voters are being played. Innocent government employees who have little to say about the process are being penalized by both political parties since neither cares whether this shutdown continues or not.

What should have been done is to dock the pay of all politicians involved with this process until a bipartisan resolution could be attained.

Perhaps a wall around Congress preventing them from enjoying the holidays while others scramble to make mortgage payments would have been in order.

We are, after all, a nation of immigrants or descendants of immigrants, who came here to seek a new way of life. Properly screened and vetted, they raised families, worked diligently, and many fought in two major foreign world wars as Americans.

Today we are faced with a new culture of immigrants which may or may not seek the American dream. In this world of terror for hire, some arrive here bent on undermining what our fore fathers have worked hard to create. The difficulty is separating the wheat from the chaff when it comes to screening out drug cartel and gang members, those with communicable disease for which we may not have sufficient vaccines, and those whose primary aim is to bring terrorism to our shores.

What is needed is a new immigration policy for sure, and the time spent arguing over a wall that would buy us time to implement such a plan could be better spent by people who are supposed to represent us, and not manipulate us. It is important for us to see the motives of each political party for what they are and express our displeasure, or this may drag on indefinitely.

Charle Carter


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