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Letter: Politicians want to push self-serving liberal agendas

There was an article in The Buffalo News recently about New York State changing its voting laws because of very low voter turn out. Did it ever occur to them that maybe just maybe people in this state feel that it is useless to even cast a vote?

So many of our voices are not heard. The majority of politicians in this state are out for one thing and that is money. They don’t give a hoot what some people think or want. They care more about people who are non-citizens than the average American who has paid their outrageous taxes for years and years.

Just look at what’s happening in New York City where the mayor wants to give out free health care to 600,000 New York City residents in which half of that number he says are undocumented immigrants. Let me tell you-there is nothing free, it will be on the backs of hard working people. No wonder people are fleeing this state.

They run their anti-smoking ads but I ask where would they be without all the taxes they collect on cigarettes? They say they want to solve the opiate crisis and now propose to build an enormous facility on the waterfront for a “pot growing” business. They refuse to listen to the experts who actually know about marijuana and the negative aspects about it.

We don’t need more impaired drivers on our roads. We have our share of drunk drivers and unfortunately our share of people hooked on heroin and opiates. That property near the waterfront could have had a million other uses than a “pot-plant.” Now all the wildlife from that area will be driven out.

Big deal, they always say it will create all kinds of jobs and the truth is that all these businesses who say that and get enormous tax breaks never do create those jobs.

Karen Gall


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