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Letter: Borders open for those who follow America’s rules

The Jan. 5 letter writer asks us to reflect on our own family origins. All four of my grandparents came to America about 100 years ago – legally.

My Irish grandmother needed to be sponsored, and to have a job lined up for her before she was allowed to enter. She waited years for those criteria to be met, then sailed for Ellis Island. My Irish grandfather couldn’t enter when he wanted to because the Irish quota had been filled. He waited in an adjacent country until it was his turn. They met in Buffalo, and here many of us remain.

There are literally billions of people in this world who would be better off if they lived in the United States, but we cannot accommodate all of them. We have set up rules for entry, including rules for asylum. We’re happy to accept those who follow the rules.

We’re not so happy about those who break the law, or those who jump ahead of people waiting their turn, or especially those who show up on our borders and state that they are going to break the law to enter our country if we don’t allow them in legally.

What will their attitude be once they are in, and the laws don’t allow them what they want?

I’m happy the U.S. sends aid around the world. I’m happy we extend protection to other countries.

I’m happy to accept immigrants. Just do it the right way, and don’t push ahead in line. We’ll be here for you.

Bob Anderson


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