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'Thrones' air date; 'Roma' love; Lady Gaga win; and 'NYPD Blue' reboot on menu

This is what I’m thinking:

You have three months to re-watch all 67 episodes of the HBO drama “Game of Thrones” before the eighth and final season premieres. HBO announced Sunday that the award-winning series will return on April 14. The final season has six episodes.

I highly recommend “Roma,” the heartbreaking black and white Netflix film from Alfonso Cuaron with autobiographical elements about a domestic working for a wealthy Mexican family in 1970 whose lives are changed when the husband and wife separate. And I’m not the only critic who loved it. A week ago, it won a Golden Globe for best foreign language film.

On Sunday, it was honored by the Critics’ Choice Awards from the Broadcast Film Critics Association and Broadcast Television Journalists Association as best picture, best director, best cinematography and best foreign language film.

But I warn you: It is in subtitles and has a European ending, which means it just sort of ends when you might be expecting more.

The awards show was carried by the CW Network, which tells you how important it is in the awards category.

Many of the awards given out were duplicates of the Golden Globes, including wins by Christian Bale as best actor for “Vice,” Mahershala Ali as supporting actor for “Green Book,” Regina King for supporting actress for “If Beale Street Could Talk,” Glenn Close for “The Wife,” Sandra Oh for “Killing Eve” and Rachel Brosnahan for best comedy actress for “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” (which won three awards).

But Lady Gaga, who was bypassed at the Globes, tied with Close for best actress for “A Star is Born.”

In case you’ve never heard of the BFCA – and I join you in that category – it represents more than 330 television, radio and online critics in the United States and Canada. At least that’s almost four times as many people who voted for the Golden Globes.

You had to feel for CBS’ Jim Nantz and Tony Romo calling two quarters of garbage time in the New England Patriots’ 41-28 victory over the Los Angeles Chargers Sunday. The halftime score of 35-7 was more indicative of how big a blowout the game was for the right to play in the AFC championship Sunday.

With the score 38-7, the announcers comically tried to say the Chargers had a chance, with Romo saying if “seven or 14 things go your way.”

As if the result didn’t hurt Patriots haters enough in Buffalo, Nantz noted that former Bill Stephon Gilmore was rated the top cornerback in the league this year.

Fox focused on Philadelphia receiver Alshon Jeffery so long and so often after he tipped a pass that led to a game-clinching interception for the New Orleans Saints Sunday that it almost seemed to be TV abuse. The first or second cut to Jeffery was enough, but Fox just kept going back to him, perhaps hoping he’d be caught on camera crying. One of the most sure-handed receivers in the NFL, Jeffery didn’t deserve all the blame for the Eagles in a 20-14 loss. After all, they didn’t score after the first quarter.

CBS chose to promote the upcoming edition of “Celebrity Big Brother” during the game and introduce all the so-called “celebrities” appearing in it. They include Anthony Scaramucci, who was in the Trump administration for a few days, and Kato Kaelin a quarter of century after the O.J. Simpson trial. Seriously? CBS is counting on Kato Kaelin to draw viewers. You can count me out of that series. I would probably last for about the 10 minutes Scaramucci was White House Communications director.

I’ve read numerous reports of a “NYPD Blue” reboot planned for the fall season that will have the involvement of the late Steven Bochco’s son Jesse and widow, Dayna, aboard as producers. The reboot for ABC reportedly will revolve around the son of the show’s iconic character Andy Sipowicz (played by Dennis Franz). Since the original show took a revolutionary approach to cop shows by pushing broadcast boundaries, I’m not too hopeful the reboot can work. After all, all the boundaries have been pushed now. Besides, Franz isn’t involved. That’s probably smart on his part.



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