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My View: A sense of relief after the holidays pass

By Adele Haas

Nature has a rhythm to it, spring follows winter, summer follows spring and fall follows summer with a burst of color leading us into December and into the holidays described in song as “The Most Wonderful Time of the Year.”

Except when it isn’t. I shouldn’t be admitting this, but I am so glad that the holidays are over.

It’s the shopping, the hurrying, the not wanting to disappoint. It’s worrying about the weather and the safety of those traveling home.

It’s the needing to be elsewhere, the visit to the hospital, the expectation that you will be at Mom’s and the in-laws. It is the interruption of the baby’s schedule, the juggling of the combination of both the most wonderful and the most stressful time of the year and feeling guilty for not being completely happy.

It is a time when the rhythm of your life is thrown off as well, and there is sadness in missing those gone from your life, because of death, military deployment or distance, and then feeling happy can feel so wrong.

Adele Haas.

It seems that this special holiday season should bring only happiness but it cannot because life is so uneven.

There are those for whom personal loss, or illness or loneliness prevents them from engaging in the joy of the season, so it is a relief when the holidays are over.

On a simpler level, I have often said the day after Christmas or Thanksgiving is my favorite day, when the pressure is off, leftovers make mealtime a given, there are no presents to be bought or wrapped, or cards to be addressed, and your day is back to being your own.

I love my family and love the get-togethers but not the topsy-turvy feeling that comes with them.

Uneasiness can come from the interruption in the usual rhythm of your life.

Consider the recent weeks of Christmas and New Year’s. There were two weeks when the day of the week did not feel like the day it was supposed to be. Sunday is easy, that’s the day you go to church and watch the Bills win (never give up that hope), but if you are in church again on a Tuesday because it is Christmas, as it was in 2018, the day after the holiday feels like Monday but it isn’t.

You then have a “short” week and you are left with the feeling that something’s off. You would like to go with the flow, but you can’t because you are thrown off when it doesn’t feel like the day it really is.

Well at least we have almost a year to recover. This love it/hate it feeling about the holidays will come again and it will be too much and too little like it always is; it will be a time of sadness and happiness and we will survive because we always do, but for the time being, kick off the shoes, have a relaxing cup of hot chocolate, watch the snowflakes cover the lawns with a blanket of sparkle and hope, and enjoy that it is over.

In 2019, this new year of promise, we will have Sundays with more Bills’ wins than losses and this will be our norm, and the Monday after will feel like a Monday because it is just a Monday, with a full week ahead, and rhythm is back into your life.

Whatever, carpe diem, enjoy any day off – whenever it is – and go Bills, please?

Adele Haas, of Amherst, is happy for the normal rhythm of life to return.

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