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Letter: When it comes to the wall, there is middle ground

The government is shut down because the president wants to build a border wall. The Democrats oppose the wall. The impasse prevents funding the government.

There are already about 350 miles of physical barriers at the border, most of them adjacent to official entry points. Installation of additional barriers will enhance the ability of officials to enforce existing immigration law. What’s wrong with that?

In her introductory remarks yesterday, Speaker Nancy Pelosi said that “the wall” was morally offensive. She characterized the southern border as a single community with a national border running through it. I see no reason to characterize a physical barrier between two countries as immoral, nor do I believe that the southern border is a single community unfortunately divided by an international border.

The president has caused much outrage because of his mischaracterization of the motives and behavior of illegal immigrants. I object to this misrepresentation and hateful language.

On the other hand, I do not desire open borders and I hope to see competent enforcement of immigration law and modification by Congress if changes are needed.

I suggest a compromise. Let Trump have the funds he needs to build additional barriers to illegal immigration in return for a speedy path to citizenship for the Dreamers, those brought to the United States illegally as children.

Lee Dryden


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