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Letter: Trump must be a leader on global warming issue

The Buffalo News has published many impressive articles on global warming, based on the scientific research findings. Three-hundred scientists at 13 federal agencies have predicted that global warming would cause massive fires, deadly storms and devastating floods, wrecking havoc on the globe and United States economy.

President Donald Trump however has turned a deaf ear, dismissing that it is all a fear-mongering political trivia. Trump insisted that our waters and air quality are at record clean condition.

The president is perhaps right on, for now. But the scientific prognosis of a number of climate scientists and research scholars is directed towards the future, which is at stake.

According to the research findings, the earth’s atmosphere, from preindustrial level has risen 1.8 degrees Fahrenheit, which is alarming in the scientist’s point of view, which is a sign of slow and steady rise in global warming. At the same time, the researchers also noticed the rising of carbon emissions from 1.6 percent in 2017 to 2.7 percent in 2018.

Trump, as a leader of the free world, cannot ignore the call to respond to the fear and anxiety-ridden people of the world, particularly the United States citizens, to do the needful. He rather prefers to dismiss it as a fake and hoax theory of political opponents. Trump enjoys an unique world leadership status. He can unite the world leaders in seconds to sketch out a lasting plan to contain and eliminate the greenhouse carbon gases from the earth’s atmosphere, and restore it to its original purity.

America has no dearth for funds, nor scientific talent to accomplish the task of solving the problem of global warming. Trump bears a huge burden on his shoulders to rescue the world and its people from the untold catastrophe of global warming.

Henry Crasta


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