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Letter: Schroeder’s absence will be felt in Buffalo

Wow! Congratulations to Comptroller Mark Schroeder.

What a New Year’s gift to a deserving public servant. A big promotion to head the New York State DMV. What’s interesting is the timing. With thousands of qualified candidates in New York State local, county and state employees, why Mark Schroeder? No secret that Schroeder has been an excellent watchdog over the spending of taxpayer dollars to lose him now would be a loss to the residents of the City of Buffalo.

Can’t blame him for taking the opportunity to serve all of New York State, but head of DMV? Not quite the good use of Schroeder’s skills. I’ve seen firsthand his “bull dog” in action at the finance committee meetings. Quite impressive. My concern now is the audits that the comptroller would perform at Buffalo Municipal Housing Authority.

My hope is whomever replaces Schroeder would follow the same principals and conduct the same audits that gained the respect of the office and not some political hack of the Brown administration. It’s only one year before the election of a new comptroller and we the people will be keeping a close eye on his or her performance.

Good luck Mark Schroeder and godspeed. I for one know you will handle the new job with the integrity you have in the last. You will be missed.

Joe Mascia


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