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Letter: Neither political party is speaking for the people

We have D’s for Democrats; R’s for Republicans, now we demand an old-fashioned way to assign letters for our so-called leaders, the letter is “F” for failure.

How far has this country come from the concept of putting the country first? Is the new way to govern, “P’s” for severe partisanship? It appears to me that fighting against every idea of the president is childish and it appears as the president and the Republicans would do anything to make the Democrats look bad, and who suffers, the American people.

If the other side wants something, partisanship will ensure their team is charged to fight against it, no matter what the cost, Wall, no wall, immigrants, no immigrants, for sure no help for the American people. These archaic parties should come to an agreement on the betterment of the country and its citizens!

Congress is well compensated, they sit there in their beautiful offices in the capital, with paid staff to satisfy almost every need, while during the shutdown federal workers are furloughed or not compensated. The government shutdown is/was irresponsible behavior, not the betterment of this nation.

This country should start a new party, “None of the Above Party.” (NAP) When NAP receives the highest number of votes in a contest, the election is started over; the parties go back to the drawing board and find somebody else. Perhaps this is one way to give the masses a voice once again.

Mike May


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