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Letter: Legalizing pot will cost more in health and safety

Some New York State politicians want to legalize the use of recreational marijuana since it will increase revenue, sales tax benefits and fewer people would be jailed because they were using/selling marijuana illegally.

Read Healthline, Newsweek and see all the costs of legalizing marijuana, such as increased cost of law enforcement due to drugged driving incidents, increases in fatal crashes due to marijuana intake, loss if productivity, a huge spike in gang-related crime, an increase in the homeless population and more people being jailed for more serious crimes.

More high school and middle school expulsions occur because of marijuana use. Marijuana is put into brownies, gummy bears, etc. and eaten by children, given out on Halloween and surge of emergency room visits and sometimes death of children. Pets die from eating it.

Marijuana leads to more opioid and other drug usage. It often gets spiked with other drugs. Alterations in mood and memory leads to more suicide and harm to others. Chemicals such as ammonia and hydrogen cyanide damage bronchial tubes and lungs, resulting in coughs and trouble breathing, and increase heart rate by as much as 50 beats/minute for up to three hours. Can cause heart attack, heart rhythm disorders and strokes event in teenagers. It can cause permanent harm to a baby’s memory of and testicular cancer in men. Pesticides on marijuana can be harmful to the environment.

Please do not legalize marijuana.

Barb Ciepiela


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