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Letter: Constitutional convention is one possibility, perhaps

We were taught that our form of government’s excellence lies in the system of checks and balances. It was presumed that it would prevent authoritarian takeover of the country. Evidently, it was also assumed that no one branch would use its authority unwisely – much less, that it would be shutting down parts of itself. After all, what was there to shutdown?

Our forefathers would not have foreseen that Congress could include individuals who put their own re-elections ahead of participating in cooperative debate and problem-solving. If I understand correctly, back then, being a part of the government was not fun. At that tumultuous time, legislators worked together for the good of the nation because that was their singular focus.

It doesn’t appear that the Constitution is serving us well. It resembles an vehicular prototype that supplies brakes but no steering wheel or gas pedal. So, maybe a constitutional convention to revisit those subjects?

In today’s climate, probably not a good idea; we could end up with a hovercraft.

Sandie Davison


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