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It seems to us: Floppy-eared lawmen, extreme fertility and a senator’s battle

Both groups undergo months of training to perform their life-saving jobs, but one of them, experts believe, is able to do the work better: the ones with the floppy ears.

Dogs, we mean.

Floppy-eared dogs appear friendlier, the Transportation Security Administration believes, and interact better with the public as they sniff out explosives at airports. So, while Labrador retrievers and German shepherds are both eminently qualified, the Lab gets higher marks.

The question now is, how can the Erie County Sheriff’s Department apply this lesson in its hiring? We’re not sure recruiters there can find floppy-eared deputies to overcome the problems created by the likes of Kenneth P. Achtyl — a scary, pointy-eared type of deputy — but given his abuses of authority, what could it hurt?

• • •

Three Buffalo-area theaters, which have been in various states of distress over the years, have recently been buffed back to glory. Shea’s Seneca, the once dilapidated South Buffalo theater, has had its stunning lobby restored, while the rest of the remaining building has been pressed into service as multiuse spaces, including residential and retail.

Meanwhile, the gorgeous chandelier in North Tonawanda’s Riviera Theater was cleaned, with volunteers taking five days to restore the sparkle to the fixture’s 15,000 crystals. And, in a continuing story, the North Park Theatre on Hertel Avenue continued its multiyear upgrade with work on its lobby and exterior facade. The job is expected to be completed this spring, a year before the venue’s centennial.

Such renovations are the foundation of this region’s revival. The work is well worth the trouble.

• • •

Briefly: Unless you’re ready for a passel of kids, beware the house on Kenefick Avenue. The Rosputni family will have 10 children after the expected triplets are born — at the same address where the city’s first surviving triplets once lived. How is that even possible? Well, never mind.

Finally, best wishes to Senate Minority Leader John Flanagan, who has entered a rehab program to combat alcohol addiction. Everyone who sneaks a first drink has risked stumbling into that compulsion. Confronting and overcoming it takes determination. We hope he succeeds, along with the millions of others seeking or needing that help.

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