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Letter: Trump is on the path toward political oblivion

President Donald Trump has bragged that he surrounds himself with only “the best people.” After a year and a half of the Robert Mueller investigation into Russian interference in our 2016 presidential election, “best” has been redefined.

The scope of their involvement with and for Russian efforts is astounding and sprawling, like a complex spider’s web with Trump at its center.

These “best people” have displayed callous arrogance matched only by their stupidity. There is not sufficient space to detail their involvements and legal jeopardy they face. Google them.

To date, seven of his “best people” have been found guilty of either conspiracy, false statements, bank fraud, ID theft, campaign finance violations or some other corruption. Another group, all Americans, currently on Mueller’s radar for meeting with Russians

includes Donald Trump Jr., Jared Kushner, Ivanka Trump, Jeff Sessions, Michael Flynn and 11 more. Mueller has also indicted 12 GRU (formerly KGB) officers, 13 Russian nationals, and three Russian companies – all variously charged with conspiracy, ID theft and hacking of computer servers.

One Russian, Maria Butina, has been arrested, tried, and pleaded guilty to infiltrating U.S. political organizations. She arranged for funds from Russia to be given to the NRA to sway voters.

Lastly, Trump and his children must be terrified since his private businesses, charitable foundation (now dissolved), presidential campaign, transition team, inaugural campaign and White House are under suspicion of wrongdoing by federal prosecutors of the Southern District of New York. No pardons here! Trump is the grift that keeps on grifting. Happy Holidays!

Mark Hardy


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