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Letter: Legalizing marijuana will be a big mistake

I recently read one of many articles regarding the legalization of marijuana. Please note that most, if not all, supporters are left-wing liberals, including our illustrious Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who a year ago denounced such legislation as a gateway drug. I rarely agree with the governor on any subject, however in this case, he was correct.

I was a police officer for 34 years (15 as a detective.) During that time there were many occasions to be in contact with several people who were addicted to heroin, cocaine, etc. Each and every one stated they had started down the path to addiction by smoking pot. Ergo, gateway to the hell of hard drugs. I think we all know the reason for the flip flop of Cuomo and his minions, more tax dollars to squander on his pet projects.

Before these supporters wholeheartedly vote for the legalization, they might want to check with law enforcement in the states that have already done so. Colorado, Oregon, California being good examples. They (law enforcement) will tell you it was a terrible mistake.

Thomas J. Walsh


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