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Letter: Attack on the Sierra Club by supervisor is unjustified

In the Dec. 31 “Another Voice” section Daniel Engert, the Somerset supervisor, made a raft of what I believe are misleading statements about the Sierra Club. His position seems to be summarized in the last paragraph. He states: “…Apex and the Sierra Club intended to mislead and misinform the good people of Somerset and the region.”

The Sierra Club goes back to when Teddy Roosevelt and John Muir talked over a campfire on how to preserve Yosemite Valley. In the 1960s the Sierra Club kept dams out of the Grand Canyon. Congress had touted the dams as a way to get the public closer to the canyon.

The Sierra Club responded with full-page ads in the New York Times asking if maybe the Vatican should flood the Sistine Chapel so the tourists could get closer to the ceiling. The Sierra Club kept the dams out and it made Congress so mad they stripped the club of its tax-exempt status. Locally the club has been active in cleaning up the Buffalo River, and they never “mislead or misinformed” in doing so.

Dennis Seekins


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