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Letter: There are valid reasons Trump cannot build a wall

Donald Trump has 240 “foreign” workers at Mar-a-Lago. These workers were all here on temporary work visas. Overstaying a work visa is the number one contributor to people being in this country illegally. That’s the real problem, not Trump’s “smoke screen wall.” Wealthy Republicans who live in the border states support Mexicans coming into the U.S. either illegally or with work visas because they work on their farms, their ranches and their construction sites.

Do you like fruits and vegetables for your family? They’re brought to you by Mexican workers.

While we’re waiting for Mexico to pay for the wall, how about that “amazing health care plan” you promised? What about the infrastructure improvements you campaigned on? What about getting all those manufacturing jobs back from Asia?

A Republican majority in Congress and the Senate, 33 Republican legislators, 32 Republican governors and 15 of the most powerful Republicans in Washington tried to stop President Barack Obama at every turn and on every issue, even those that benefited Republicans, and Obama outsmarted them using their own gridlock against them. Obama was so smart and strategic that he was able to install a health care plan that the entire Republican Party, Congress and Senate were against.

Trump controls the White House, has a Republican majority in the Senate, state governorships, Supreme Court Judiciary, corporate wealthy, and 15 of the most powerful men in Washington, and he still can’t get a wall built.

The difference between Trump’s lack of leadership and Obama’s flawless leadership is the dignity, honesty and compassion Obama displayed for


Richard Ricupito


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