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Letter: Reverse psychology may get the wall built

If President Donald Trump wants to see a border wall constructed and fully funded, the solution is simple. All he needs to do is to announce that he has changed his mind and now favors open borders. His enemies on the left will immediately seize upon this opportunity to blast Trump for not caring about border security, the influx of fentanyl-laced heroin coming in from Mexico killing thousands of Americans, nor the depressive effect cheap labor has on working class income.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the Democrats not only supported a wall, but also that it be electrified. Naturally, mad Maxine Waters will announce that Trump’s lack of concern for border security is further evidence that he should be impeached.

This suggestion is not completely sarcastic. Not so long ago, in 2006, Democrat Sens. Barack Obama, Charles E. Schumer and Hillary Clinton all voted for the Secure Fence Act, ostensibly addressing the issue of border security. I am confident that Schumer would be completely comfortable reversing his position again if it was in service to the left’s reflexive, hate-filled opposition to Trump.

Joseph P. Fahey


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