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Letter: Ramirez cartoon blames Democrats for GOP failures

Once again, right-wing political cartoonist Michael Ramirez has demonstrated his blind support of a spineless Republican Party. Ramirez’s New Year’s Day editorial cartoon depicted four resolutions for the coming year.

Three of those resolutions concerned typical resolutions regarding making efforts to eat better and exercise more. The fourth resolution was an illustration of caricatures of Democrats Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi, and was titled, “Put America’s Interests Before Politics.” Are you kidding me? If any entity has failed to put America’s interests before politics it is the Republican Party.

Although President Trump lies every day about almost everything, gives aid and comfort to our enemies, and displays a frightening ignorance and disdain for the Constitution, it is Republicans who consistently remain silent and continue to provide unwavering support to this corrupt and treasonous president. Yet, Ramirez has the unmitigated gall to tell us that the villains in this ongoing national disgrace are the Democrats.

The truth is clear that anyone who stands up to our despicable president is putting America’s interests before politics. Ramirez should be ashamed of himself.

Richard W. Kirisits


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