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Letter: Parenting predicts how well young people behave in public

The letter about the inordinate number of black students suspended from school led readers to believe that children get suspended according to skin color. I am a parent and former board of education worker who has seen plenty of misbehavior, and have heard the stories that get swept under the rug, so as not to cast a bad light on said school, even though that light shines on the misbehaving child.

The video recently displayed on the television news is an example of the kind of behavior that children who get suspended do. Those unruly teens, and perhaps some young adults, as well, are examples of children who think might means right, instead of might for right (thank you, King Arthur). I can’t understand how the adults who raised these kids can condone that kind of behavior. What were they doing when these kids were coming up? It’s either they’re not paying attention, or it must be that they suffer from, “My child can do no wrong” syndrome.

I don’t care what your race or culture is. The behavior displayed by the people at the Walden Galleria was disgusting. When questioning the number of suspensions, first take a look at these clods. Their behavior has nothing to do with race, but everything to do with how they were parented, if at all.

There is a direct connection to the behavior witnessed at the Galleria and the answer to the school suspension question.

Marylou Altieri


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