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Letter: Writer taking Ken-Ton to task is being truthful

I am responding to the letter published Dec. 28 regarding students sexually abused by teachers and coaches in the Ken-Ton school district. I too am a retired teacher from Ken-Ton and the same school as the letter writer.

I totally concur that our district failed to protect students from this kind of abuse. Rumors and hearsay of this behavior were widespread and even reported with little done at the time to put a stop in place.

The comparison to the Catholic Church is quite real. It is only because of the #MeToo movement that victims are coming forward with their stories. And not only should these institutions which tolerated this behavior be held accountable, but laws need to be changed and new laws passed with time limits removed to prevent this behavior and punish these people put in trusted positions who abused children.

This kind of behavior should no longer be tolerated in our society and all appropriate actions to stop it taken.

John Huttenlocker


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