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Letter: Voters chose Trump, and the left is still mad

Government shutdown, the wall, freedom of speech, Russian collusion, the economy, mounting debt, all things we hear about on a regular basis from the media. It’s hard to find humor in any of the news, however one thing did make me chuckle when a reporter said President Donald Trump lies. Show me a politician who doesn’t! I tell my children to “listen” to what people say but “Look” at what they

, which is far more revealing.

Trump, like him or not, is the first politician in my lifetime, who is keeping the promises he made during his campaign. Not an easy task when you are an outsider hated on the left and within your own party.

“Hatred” causes divisiveness and I’m really struggling with how we are a country that encourages diversity and freedom of speech, yet we seem to be exclusionary in specific areas, like anything Christian. This divisiveness we are seeing is not due to Trump, though his speech, which I do not approve of, fuels the fire. It has more to do with a double standard we see playing out every day.

The left says and does what it pleases but if someone on the right expresses an opinion they are demonized or chased out of restaurants! Now there is talk of impeachment of the president.

There was an election, Trump won. He won because a good portion of the USA was sick of the status quo and seeing our constitution disrespected. If you don’t like President Trump vote him out in 2020.

If Democrats continue to spew vitriol and spend tax payer money on frivolous investigations motivated by their hate, they just may help re-elect the very person their hate is aimed at!

Dawn Curazzato


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