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Letter: Try these ideas to increase safety on the boulevard

Much has been written and said about the dangers posed to motorists and pedestrians along the stretch of Niagara Falls Boulevard between the I-290 and Robinson Road.

I believe it should be possible to improve pedestrian safety along this much used highway while at the same time lower speed and improve traffic movement. A few ideas worth considering:

• Increase the number of signals and crosswalks. Give pedestrians more places to cross the street.

• Lower the speed limit to 40 miles per hour and time the traffic signals. Slower can be faster if you don’t have to stop at every intersection. Timed signals work very well along Elm and Oak streets in downtown so why not here? This will slow down the drivers who feel that the boulevard is their own personal Autobahn and discourage drivers who feel it is their right to weave from lane to lane like a Grand Prix racer.

• Anyone who regularly travels this road has seen people standing on the median, sometimes after dark, waiting for a gap in the traffic so they can sprint across the road. Sometimes it’s kids with bicycles. I’ve even seen people pushing baby carriages. Maybe it’s time to return to ticketing jaywalkers. This may seem a bit quaint and old fashioned but pedestrians are part of the problem, too.

Mike Martin


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