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Letter: Prospect of legal pot is a bridge much too far

I am a sick American…

I keep getting sicker as the years go by, but the latest efforts to legalize marijuana is the last straw. I didn’t know much about it until college, and then afterwards in the “real world.” I met some unique individuals who were not contributing much to society. To say pot doesn’t lead to heavier drugs is simply ludicrous.

They have been trying to destroy the Constitution for a long time. The Second Amendment has been in their sights for years. They want to allow criminals and illegal aliens to vote and provide free health care to illegals but they are not concerned about securing our borders. Now the First Amendment is in jeopardy. Could anyone ever had imagined the government spying on honest U.S. citizens by mandating free government access to their social media accounts? All millennials better take note. You are in their sights now too!

Being a politician is really a cushy “job.” They do not have to work, they get free health care and a pension for life and all they have to do is “talk.”

Moreover, talking is all they do. Anyone who thinks our politicians actually care about their constituents has his head in the sand. A politician only has one goal in mind. That is to be re-elected and keep the gravy train flowing. That means they need to get votes – and more of them. I guess the idea is that potheads, illegals and criminals do not usually vote, so throw them a bone and maybe they will.

Actually, maybe this government shutdown is not such a bad idea. However, the wrong workers have been targeted. They furloughed the important ones. We should have sent the politicians home and withheld

pay. Not being able to pass any new laws could only be a good thing.

I am a sick American. However, I can get well again. I cannot do it alone, though. It takes a village to keep a country safe, and it needs to happen in the voting booth. Remember how your incumbents have done these past years and replace them with some new blood. Our future is in our own hands.

James Seufert


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