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Letter: Hard lessons learned following road rage scene

Within the last year, my husband and I experienced an example of the rage of drivers on the roads, similar to the recent incident in Cheektowaga.

Our incident occurred at a popular gas station. It wasn’t until I positioned my car at the further back pump that I became aware of a truck waiting to pull in, and he did pull in so quickly once I was positioned, that my life flashed in front of me.

Now facing the front end of our car, I threw up my arms incredulous to his actions to which he then mimicked me by throwing up his. A few seconds passed and my husband asked that I remain in the car and he would pump the gas. Almost in complete sync with my husband’s exit, he exited, and with his chest puffed up, and exhibiting obvious body language, you could sense trouble was waiting. My husband quietly walked over to the pump, averting any eye contact, and hopefully diffusing any possible encounter with this enraged person.

I can’t imagine the end result had my husband chosen instead to confront him.

A couple of lessons learned here: These encounters can happen anywhere, and under the most mundane of circumstances. Ignore any urge to approach or talk to an offender. My cellphone (in the trunk at the time), is now next to me at all times ready for use and I will never hesitate to call the police, if I, or someone else I see is obviously being harassed.

Kathleen Hackford

West Seneca

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