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Letter: Deputy should be fired and charged, accordingly

I felt compelled to write this after reading with complete disgust about the events concerning Deputy Kenneth P. Achtyl. The editorial staff at The Buffalo News is right on to suggest firing him.

In fact, I would hope this goes one step further in that Achtlyl (he doesn’t deserve the respect of calling him deputy) be arrested and charged with assault for the uncalled-for brutal beating he gave to the Bills fan.

Furthermore, Achtyl should have his service revolver taken away and his permit to carry be rescinded before he kills someone. He obviously doesn’t have the temperament for the job. He should also be charged with harassment for what he did to the Amherst woman during a routine traffic stop. It sickens me to imagine what she had to endure that day. In addition, the jail deputies who processed her that day should be charged with sexual harassment for inappropriate actions while she was in custody.

This behavior by a handful of law enforcement officials has to stop and the best way to accomplish this is to remove them from the job immediately without pay while the legal system determines their fate.

Most law enforcement officials do their job admirably and I applaud them. It’s too bad a few idiots like Achtyl have to give them a black eye. As for the Amherst woman, I was dumb-founded as to why she was required to apologize to Achtyl. Really? She is owed an apology from the sheriff himself and the assistant district attorney who recommended her charges be dismissed contemplating an apology. I hope the two victims here will seek some kind of retribution; they certainly deserve it.

Lastly, it’s time New York requires all law enforcement officials wear body cameras and that they be left on at all times during a call.

Tom Destino

North Tonawanda

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