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Editorial: It seems to us — Finally, a memorial to Tesla; a cow makes her move; a prisoner doesn’t

It’s been a grievous oversight, but it’s about to be corrected. Buffalo, despite its close connections to inventor Nikola Tesla, has no formal tribute to the father of alternating current, the delivery system that powers virtually everything electric.

Niagara Falls — both New York and Ontario — have monuments to the unsung genius whose work allowed power to travel great distances from power stations at the falls. Now, based on the efforts of Francis Lestingi, an emeritus professor of the history of science at SUNY Buffalo State, and his friend, Martin McGee, a documentary filmmaker, Buffalo will soon have a monument to the inventor.

With Lestingi’s generous donation of $100,000 in Apple stocks and other donations, a 7-foot statue of Tesla will be erected at M&T Plaza in downtown Buffalo this July 10, on what would have been the man’s 163rd birthday.

The unveiling should be accompanied by a light show.

• • •

Afterthought: It’s good for Lestingi that he already made his donation. With the company’s stock’s cratering based on weakened demand and the soaring costs of iPhones, the project could have exacted a painfully higher cost.

• • •

Carnivores, take note: There is about to be a little less steak in the world. Based on an Associated Press report, though, it’s hard to complain.

Until she registered her objection last week, Brianna was just another anonymous cow on the way to the slaughterhouse. She didn’t even have a name when she tumbled from the second floor of a trailer and led authorities on an hourlong chase along Interstate 80.

She’s banged up, but recuperating at an animal sanctuary in New Jersey. If she survives her injuries, she will live out her days there. She was named for Brian, the policeman who alerted the sanctuary to the creature’s escape.

• • •

Talk about bad luck: When jail inmate Allen Lewis escaped from a vehicle transporting him to another Kentucky county, he may have thought he had it made.

Lewis tussled with an officer in the vehicle who had thoughtfully responded to the prisoner’s complaint that his handcuffs were too tight. He managed to escape, the Associated Press reported, and made it to a nearby highway where he hitched a ride — from a law enforcement officer at Morehead State University. Not many cops are going to offer to loosen anyone’s handcuffs after that.

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