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Letter: It is time for change in our nation’s capital

Some plausible reasons for certain people continuing to support and defend this president seem to be irrational and stubborn party loyalty, or a refusal to admit that they were wrong and are unwilling to concede their mistake.

Donald Trump has repeatedly shown us that he is inexperienced and unqualified to responsibly handle the demands of his office.

The recklessness he has shown time and again is self-evident. Under the watch of several enabling and feckless Republican “leaders” he has persisted unchallenged and unaccountable to anyone.

He has repeatedly favored the protection of his image over the consequences of his judgments and decisions. His obvious admiration of murderous autocrats and dictators should be a clear indicator that we have a self-serving and irresponsible antagonist in the Oval Office posing as our leader and protector.

He has made precarious decisions on economic and social issues, he has weakened relations with our closest allies and he’s dismantling the tactics and power structure of our military at the highest levels.

He has reversed Obama-era environmental protection strategies, he has turned his back on humanitarian efforts here and abroad and he has embarrassed the nation with awkward and inappropriate behaviors overseas.

The “blue wave,” doubted by many Republicans to ever happen, came crashing down on Nov. 6 changing the political landscape and partisan prospects for the future.

Starting yesterday, the Democratic Majority-led House will begin investigating and reigning in the negligence and carelessness of this president and begin to initiate reparations for the many harms he has imposed upon this nation.

The year 2020 can’t get here fast enough, if we were ever in need of critical change in Washington that time is now.

James M. Galbo


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