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Letter: ‘Blue code’ has no place in our civilized society

Kudos to Julie Marinaro for having the courage to share the story in the Dec. 23 Buffalo News of her arrest by Kenneth P. Achtyl, the “beating case deputy.”

By simply refusing to stop walking to the restroom, she was arrested, handcuffed, and spent 22 hours in the Erie County Holding Center. The unnecessary humiliation to Marinaro and her family is only one disturbing facet of this story.

As a taxpayer I am offended that so many highly compensated police officers wasted their time (and my money!) on this incident, not to mention the previous incident Deputy Achtyl was involved in.

How many more unnecessary arrests take place where police are busy processing unnecessary arrests rather than being available to intervene in truly dangerous situations?

No wonder one out of every two Americans has had an immediate family member who has spent time in jail or prison ( And where was common sense? What about Achtyl’s partner or the “backup” that arrived? Someone needed to be the adult in this situation and realize an arrest was not appropriate. Did the “blue code” of police solidarity overcome the responsibility to do the right thing?

so, the blue code has no place in this society.

Rebecca Wightman

East Aurora

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