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Reporters' Notebook: Dec. 31, 2018

OLAF FUB SEZ: According to Scottish poet Alexander Smith, born on this date in 1829, “Trees are your best antiques.”

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HOMEWARD BOUND – Need a lift home with your vehicle after celebrating on New Year’s Eve? The 11th annual Home 4 the Holidays Program is ready to take you and your car to your front door.
The Law Offices of William Mattar have arranged to provide rides to people who register at Those who sign up will receive a free one-year membership to Designated Drivers of Buffalo and receive a free or discounted ride.
A call to Designated Drivers of Buffalo will bring a team of two uniformed drivers, one for you and one for your car, with no stops at other drinking locations.
“This year we wanted to change things up and recognize that being safe is not just about one night a year,” says Designated Drivers owner Michael Mule. “The new program will give people a chance to be safe and use their free or discounted rides throughout the holidays as well as all of next year.” For more info, visit

• • •

The winding stairway in the McClurg Mansion.

TIME OUT – The McClurg Museum, 15 E. Main St., Westfield, will be closed to the public beginning Wednesday for restoration work on the building’s center stair hall, the Chautauqua County Historical Society reports. It is expected to reopen in February. No tours will be given while work is being done.
The project will reinforce the open walkway on the second floor of the 200-year-old mansion, at the top of the winding stairway. The ceiling will be restored to its original look and the ceilings and walls on both floors will be replastered and painted. More work is planned on the building’s exterior in the spring.
The Historical Society will pay for about a third of the repairs, with other funding from the Lenna Foundation, the Ralph C. Sheldon Foundation and the Chautauqua Region Community Foundation. For more info and to use the museum for research, call 326-2977 or email

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HAPPY NEW YEAR – Olaf will be taking the day off Tuesday to continue welcoming the arrival of 2019. Reporters’ Notebook will return on Wednesday.

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY – Rene Robert, Keli-Koran F. Luchey, Diane Christian, Darcy Young, Kathleen Giles, Debbie Snekser, Gail Major, Julia Snyder, Micah Hyde, Joey Battaglia, Sue Kopra Natali, Kathy Zak, Amanda Skinner, Sandy Jordan, Pat Kelly, Audrey Walkowiak, Ken Swanekamp, Shirley Sobon, Mildred Sultanik, Donna Spencer, Elise Bindert, Tom Boyer, Tim Brooks, Jerry Wilson and Lisa Spacone.

AND TUESDAY – Jack Myers, Jeff Simon, Yves-Richard Blanc, Kristin Watson, Marisa Wigglesworth, Phyllis Wesolek, Kim Clouden, Jeanette Coleman, Bob Sikora, Philip Kurzanski, Patricia Kowalski, Michelle Wutz, Alice Werynski, Delores Pryor, Dennis Beres, Sister Mary Blaise Surlas, Kyle Hayden, J. D. Bryant, Janelle Kraft, Elaine Clark, Allayne Barnum and Mary Lou Zeis.

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