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Letter: Recycle right, recycle often but be sure to follow the rules

On Dec. 16 a letter writer from Depew raised several issues concerning recycling in her community. To begin with, rollcarts (proper industry parlance) aren’t “totes.” That word is a brand name and registered trademark of a company that makes and or licenses that word for a variety of raingear.

Typically, a new or re-purposed apartment building is equipped with Dumpsters (another brand name) for the collection of trash and “single stream” recycling. In the case cited, carts can be utilized, provided a split truck (commonly known as a 60-40) is used to collect everything in one pass, to help keep the cost down.

Right now, recycling is in trouble nationally due to “the three C’s” – carelessness, contamination and containerization – both residentially and commercially. Unlike the issues surrounding trade, China isn’t the fourth “C” as they’ve grown sick and tired of what they call “foreign garbage.” Here, we call it recyclables due to the first two “C’s.”

The writer also raised the issue of glass, which has always been problematic. Aside from paving and landscaping, there are few uses for post-consumer glass. Besides costing less to manufacture new glass, due largely to shipping costs, more packaged goods companies have been switching to plastic, which as shown on the Dec. 16 edition of “60 Minutes” is the actual global environmental problem, not that which mankind has little to no control over.

Consequently, it’s important to both recycle right and recycle often – according to the rules established by your recycling hauler and or municipality. As more items are manufactured with recycled content, the more feedstock that’s available, the better.

Jeff Goldblatt

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