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Letter: Protect the environment by cleaning up plastics

Climate change and its consequences have had quite a bit of airtime in the media, but there is a cataclysmic detriment in our future that hasn’t gotten the airtime it deserves.

What I am referring to is the overwhelming sewage of discarded plastic permeating our environment all over the world. “60 Minutes” recently aired a show about that very subject and showed very distinctly how plastic refuse is destroying the environment, killing wildlife and polluting water.

When floating plastic can cover streams and rivers so thickly that you cannot see the water, something is seriously wrong. Mother Nature intended all things to eventually degrade, but we in our arrogance have created a product which we use everyday of our lives, then treat it as garbage after our use, where it piles up for centuries littering nature to unacceptable levels.

Plastic microbeads are already a problem in our water and it makes one wonder if that might be the reason for the high rate of cancer we see in Western New York.

What will happen if this keeps on?

The USA and the United Nations should take a serious look at this cataclysmic possibility, take action immediately, and for once, unite all humanity in a common cause.

Collecting all the plastic garbage we can find scattered all over the world binding it up and disposing of it safely would be an excellent start and this can be done easily at a minimal cost in every country.

Ignoring this

be devastating to future generations and common sense applied now is the right answer.

Norman Machynski


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