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Letter: Politicians should say ‘no’ to the lure of marijuana

Thank God that we can rely on hypocrite politicians to provide yet one more intoxicant for us and our children. Some politicians are banding together to help us in “the pursuit of happiness,” along with a huge jump in taxes for those same politicians to squander. Wow, will the “wonderfulness ever end?”

Oh, sure it will end, especially for the bereaving families after the new wave of legal “marijuana-fied” driving begins; when a driver, after a bong full of “happiness,” mistakes a person crossing the street for a surreal sunset in a bucolic meadow!

It will be interesting to see how the “pro-dope” politicians try and wriggle out of being rightfully blamed. Maybe it’s just that “the pursuit of happiness” is all that we and our children need to focus on!

Arlie Schwan


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