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Letter: Piece on climate change has it wrong on all counts

A Dec. 23 letter, “Climate change is natural should not be politicized,” assures us that “President Donald Trump is right” following an inane explication of greenhouse effect.

His letter includes several serious errors:

First, global warming is not a “blanketing” as he suggests but rather a “trapping” wherein some of the solar radiation that normally would be reflected back into space is trapped by certain atmospheric gases, leading to increases in atmospheric, oceanic and terrestrial temperatures. This model is completely documented by contemporary science and is accepted by virtually all competent scientists today.

Second, ozone is not one of the “three constituents” causing greenhouse effect. That’s nonsense–the CFCs that damaged our planet’s ozone layer are “greenhouse gases” but are present at such low concentrations that they are minor players in greenhouse warming.

In fact, the polar “ozone hole” produced by these gases may actually produce a minor cooling.

Third, “water vapor” is not a primary cause of greenhouse effect but it does respond to other atmospheric conditions and can exacerbate the effect.

Finally, the principal greenhouse gases are still atmospheric carbon dioxide and methane, both of which continue to increase due to human activity. If we do not reverse or at least slow that trend we are assured calamitous meteorological events within this century and a resultant degradation of human civilization. Climate change “deniers” like the Williamsville author and his hero, Donald Trump, will be remembered as dangerous buffoons.

Kevin A. Fox Ph.D.


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