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Letter: American citizens must re-learn that elections have consequences

With Robert Mueller’s, entangling, investigative web of alleged corruption, categories too numerous to mention, and Russian collusion against President Trump, his campaign, cohorts, and family, an ever-growing consensus eagerly await the prosecutor’s conclusions. With good fortune, Congress will perform its due diligence and, hopefully, remove the scourge of lies, dog-whistle racism, love of self, gratuitous border cruelty and trampled American ideals.

We are saddled with President Trump, whose election is increasingly questioned as ill-gotten and whose “shingle hanging from the Oval office” suggests, “Open for Business.” Any autocrat, flush with cash and flattery, will find a willing ear, open to piggy bank policy. He’s fully on board with the likes of Vladimir Putin, Kim Jong Un, Turkey’s Recep Tayyip Erdogan, and Saudi Arabia’s Mohammed bin Salman.

Where is the Republican Party? Controlling every branch of government, they follow and swallow, regurgitating everything told by Fox & Trump TV. They’re in denial or oblivious to the incompetence that confronts them daily.

Our infrastructure goes wanting, families at our border, suffer, and our plants close, as we witness their DNA running cold, nonchalant to it all. Candidate Trump, brazenly stated, “I, alone can fix it.” Well! He, alone, has messed it up.

Beware, however! Any complacent notion that Trump’s removal from office, either through resignation, impeachment or election, will abruptly end his party’s eagerness to destroy health care, Medicare and Social Security, is sorely mistaken. Expertly gerrymandering states, they produced several whose legislatures are governed by Republicans, while the majority of the electorate chose Democrats. Every election cycle, they prove a willingness to obstruct minority voting blocks. They claim voter fraud where none exists yet seem blind to Russian interference in our democracy.

The year 2016 taught us that certainty is never certain. And elections require vigilance, effort and the value of every vote.

Leonard Gross

East Amherst

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