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Reporters' Notebook: Dec. 28, 2018

OLAF FUB SEZ: According to the 28th president of the United States, Woodrow Wilson, born on this date in 1856, “If you want to make enemies, try to change something.”

• • •

ON THE WING – Youngsters aged 8 to 16 and their adult chaperones will compete to see the most birds during the annual Christmas Bird Count for Kids at 9 a.m. Jan. 5 at Reinstein Woods Nature Preserve, 93 Honorine Drive, off Como Park Boulevard, Depew.
Kids and adults will first learn how to identify birds and use binoculars in a Binocular Boot Camp, then split into teams for 90-minute hikes to look for birds. Afterward, they will compare notes in the Reinstein Woods Environment Education Center and have a pizza lunch with prizes.
The event, which is part of I BIRD NY, is held in conjunction with bird counts throughout the U.S. and Canada during December and January. For info and registration, call 683-5959 or visit

• • •

TECH SAVVY – The Buffalo Jamaica Innovation Enterprise, which supports ties between Western New York and the Caribbean island nation, recently received a donation of 86 used laptop computers for STEM education programs in Jamaica. The only problem – they all needed refurbishing.
Enter Oliver Miller, a member of the Jamaican and American Association of Buffalo, who teaches information technology at Genesee Community College in Batavia and who knew just what to do with them. He turned them over to the GCC Computer Repair Club, whose more experienced members taught the newest ones how to install operating systems during the past semester. Now updated, the laptops soon will be en route to students in Jamaica.

• • •

HAPPY BIRTHDAY – Norm Daley, Clare Hotchkiss, Helen Mueller, Deborah L. Hogan, Nan Tramont, Joyce Kryszak, Sarah Diina, Sammy Szafranek, Rory McCulle Inman, Avery Henry Vogt, Donna Azzopardi, Fran Urbanski, Alexandra Piotrowski, Sue Frayne, Mary Sheehan Soral, Mary Ann Zenger, Tim Leary, Susan Nola, Robert Paas and Jennifer Nietopski.

AND SATURDAY – Barbara D. Hall, Grace L. Werts, Judith M. Powell, Debbie Magrum, Pete Simon, Erin Grajek, Bud Lauber, Mike Reilly, Debbie Domagala, Aubrey Krieger, Tracey Tumiel, Scott Allen Kelley, Jill Reese, John Fontanese, Kimberly Boyle, Jan Schaller, Jeanne Wrazen, Karen Phillips, Tyler Flynn, Angie Golembiewski and James Kostran.

AND SUNDAY – Mary Moyle, Dr. Kenneth D. Anthone, Brenda Dove Black, Joe Panek, Gene Drebot, Carl Wodzinski, Joanne Chittenden, Shaun Bowen, Virgil Mesmer, Helen Czerwinski, Debe Guido, Charlie Safe, Charlie Moore, Julie Bonner, Declan Wiles, Todd Skinner, Mike Rozyczko, Michelle Lemiesz, Ally Miklas, Carol Schaller, Roy Smalley, Georgette Higgins, Madeline Jane Fecio and Joe Miltenberger.

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