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Letter: We must teach children how to win and how to lose

It’s hard to know where I should start, but I guess I’ll start with parents.

As parents watching over our children, we tried to show them the graceful art of winning and losing. We told them to be good winners, which is easy, but we also tried to tell them to be good losers, which is hard to do.

Life, that’s what it’s all about. How we face all that comes our way whether it’s going our way or not.

Politics, sometimes we win, sometimes we lose but we have to be able to face whatever the results are and try to help do what is best for our country, no matter what party we belong to.

There will be other elections and no matter what the results are, it’ll be the voice of the people. And like our parents taught us, face it gracefully and back our leaders.

Your time will come next election if you’re on the unhappy side, and if you’re on the happy side, you’ll try and get a repeat.

Either way, the way people are acting now, on both sides, is a shame.

All I can say is “God Bless America.” We sure need it.

Tom McConnaughey

North Tonawanda

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