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Letter: Trump’s actions prior to office are abhorrent

Let me count the ways that our dear president has done bad things prior to being president. One of those actions was how he tried to sell the greatness of his fabulous Trump University that was possibly equivalent to a junior college, if that. He got lucky that all the scammed enrolled students decided to settle for a scant $25 million.

How about all the contractors of his buildings that he scammed supposedly because of their bad work. He got these contractors to settle on a protracted value, or just got away in paying them nothing.

Then who can forget the 19 or so women whom he allegedly sexually assaulted in one way or another, and how he called them all liars. Of course, in addition to these 19 women, there were the two women whom he allegedly each paid six figures to buy off their silence weeks before Election Day.

Continuing on, there was his anti-immigration stance, and the disparate people coming to the USA border, when all along for years prior in his golf courses and/or resorts he had undocumented immigrants working in these places.

Lastly, is the fact of at least 14 cohorts, per a recent New York Times article, working in one way or another prior to the election with Russian operatives to possibly collude to win?

Yes Mr. President, above are some but not all of your prior indiscretions prior to being president. Your presidency over the nearly two years has shown you to be the great “Divider.”

Joseph Borzelliere

East Amherst

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