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Letter: Campaign promises leave Americans at loose ends

Thank you, Mr. President, for shutting down our government at Christmas time and leaving hundreds of thousands of government jobs furloughed and/or working without pay.

All of this was done under your guise of “protecting America’s borders” and to “fulfill a campaign promise.” Never mind that the “promise” was that Mexico, not the American people, would pay for it. More lies! Forget that the vast majority of illegals got here by overstaying student or tourist visas,

from crossing the Rio Grande at night.

Go and spend your billions of our dollars for the stupid wall. Then, when we are through with “America’s Nightmare” that is the Trump administration – no later than 2020 and hopefully sooner – the next Democratic administration will hopefully tear it down, just like the Berlin wall, as a tragic symbol of repression.

I look forward to the ceremony, just like the Germans did.

Keith Williams

Grand Island

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