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Letter: Asylum seekers do not pose threat to the nation

I found it hard to believe my eyes and had to reread the letter repeatedly. The Dec. 11 letter writer in “Members of migrant caravan have disguised intentions” sneers at seekers of asylum as, “…individuals, whose intentions are disguised to gain illegal entry into our country by touching the soft spot of liberals.” Does he really believe this?

He also pretends to have knowledge that many of them have AIDS, chicken pox, measles, are HIV positive and a host of other illnesses. Where did he get this “information?”

He refers to the fact that years ago immigrants to Ellis Island were given a physical and were quarantined before entry.

Yes, despite the xenophobia and religious prejudice they encountered, my relatives and probably his were allowed to arrive and be processed.

There were millions of immigrants 100 years ago, and they thrived and made significant contributions to our country.

Again, more went through the process before and after the second world war. We were proud that our country was again a haven for the oppressed.

As a nation we are experiencing an exceedingly low birth rate. Who will work and pay the taxes necessary for the comfort of the writer of that dissembling letter?

These unfortunates, like our ancestors, want to live their lives and make their contribution to our society.

I don’t know what inspired that hate-filled letter, but I would suggest that the author do a little research into the origin of the rights of asylum seekers.

A clue – no, it is not in our Constitution, it is embodied in our legal system.

Once we were all strangers in a strange land.

Judith Bardach

East Amherst

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