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Letter: Stop bashing Donald Trump and focus on the state’s mess

As a resident and taxpayer in New York State, I am alarmed by the rhetoric and what appears to be a continuing vendetta being carried out by the New York Attorney General’s office against President Donald Trump. It seems that it has become fashionable in some circles, in the press, on TV talk and comedy shows, to bash and discredit anything Trump.

Before focusing on the leader of our country, I believe one should clean up New York’s political scene and the wrongdoers in Albany. After all, some of Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s closest allies have recently been convicted of crimes, not to mention former Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver and former Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos.

The Attorney General-elect has set her sights on the president, as well. Let’s clean up our own house in Albany before taking on Washington.

Scott D. Gorton


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