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Letter: Holiday time is magical on several pleasant fronts

Though the holiday season is stressful for many of us, I’d like to share some wonderful recent experiences.

In the last several weeks I’ve seen three drivers wait their turn before entering a busy street; two others who actually stopped at stop signs and one driver even put on his turn signal before he turned the steering wheel. I even saw a couple of drivers not texting while driving.

On my walks near the local high school one day I saw an entire group of five students walking and talking together with none of them looking at his phone; another day a teenager actually nodded to me briefly as we passed on the street, seeming to acknowledge that I was a member of his species. And once a 10-year-old even smiled and said hello to me, apparently forgetting that his parents and teachers had told him that every adult who is not a member of his immediate family is either a kidnapper or a pedophile.

Even in politics, a small handful of Republicans, now that they’ve accomplished lining the pockets of their wealthy pals and donors, seem slightly less responsive to the bullying of their leader as he begins to fall apart at the seams.

Yes, this has been a magical time of the year for me. If only it would last all year long.

John Nelson


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