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Letter: Electoral College stands as a bulwark against leftists

Our forefathers were much smarter than any present-day politician who cannot see the use of and wants to do away with the Electoral College. You can see on a national level what would have happened.

The cities of Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York City, Boston, Miami and Chicago would have elected the new president. The less populous states would be run over by policies that do not reflect the country as a whole. There will be a concerted effort by Democrats to do away with the electoral college in this Congress and this effort must be fought at all costs.

To support my view, I reference the 2018 New York State gubernatorial election. The map that appeared in this newspaper on Dec. 14 clearly points out that with no equivalent of the Electoral College on a state level, New York City Metro, Albany and Buffalo have just returned Emperor Andrew Cuomo for another term, in spite of his carrying only 15 of 62 counties.

I see three remedies. a) New York City metro as the 51st state; b) an Electoral College for New York; c) all policy dissenters need to move to other states.

In other words, the voters of 47 (75.8 percent) counties have no chance of electing a governor.

By the way, did you see the article showing New York State population loss? I bet a significant portion is seniors. We voted at the ballot box and now have to vote with our feet to escape crushing income and property taxes and leftist policy, since we cannot influence the choice and policies of our elected officials. Unfortunately, it is a hopeless situation.

William Knab


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