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Bob McCarthy: Christmas, crimes and rhymes

Robert J. McCarthy

’Twas two days before Christmas,

And all through the courts,

Our politicians were answering

To crimes of all sorts.


They came with top lawyers

To say ‘It’s not me!’

But some have made deals

In a bid to stay free.


It starts at the top

Though Trump’s not there yet.

’Cuz he’s waiting on Mueller

And starting to fret.


For the crafty old lawman

Has snared General Flynn,

Along with some Russians

Colluding in sin.


On the White House front lawn

The FBI rose a clatter

About Chris Collins’ calls

On an Australian matter.


The congressman labels

The charges untrue.

But New York’s Southern District

Has a court date with you.


Now bribery! Now graft!

Now insider trading!

Our pols know the drill,

When cops come a-raiding.


Back home the idea

To produce solar panels,

Brought a billion to Buffalo

The most in state annals.


But the big guys had pals

Who helped with bid-rigging.

They lusted for contracts

And a chance for some pigging.


Now the AG and feds

Have corralled Chairman Steve,

He’s admitted it all,

But still hopes for reprieve.


On Michalek! On Kristy!

On Steve’s old friend Pfaff!

They were all Pigeonistas

Now Schneiderman’s last laugh.


The pols now all hope

2019 will be better;

That they stay out of court,

And campaign while unfettered.


Cuomo is nestled,

All snug in his bed,

And says D.C. visions

Don’t dance in his head.


For he says he is happy

To lead New York State

And leave it to others

To seal Donald’s fate.


But New Yorkers recall

This familiar scenario.

We’ve seen it before

With a Cuomo named Mario.


We’ll give this a rest

And subside with these yarns.

They get quite obnoxious;

Like Cellino and Barnes.


And as is our custom

Since Borrelli retired,

We have Christmas fun;

In the muck we’re not mired.


From the politics desk

We offer this muse ...

Happy Christmas to all

From The Buffalo News!

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