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Letter: State corruption must be addressed

The News endorsed Andrew Cuomo for a third term with a hope that government corruption will be addressed in New York. I wrote about that and it was not published – I get it. But to read the editorial about what needs fixing in Albany (I’m amazed you got it into such a small space) I see again, and I quote, “It’s time for all involved to walk the walk.” Good call on your part. This begs the question, though, as to

this will happen and, more important,

it will happen.

Cuomo associates in the Buffalo Billion are falling like flies and he’s

involved? And I’ll ask again why should this governor, who pulled the plug on the Moreland Commission which was supposed to look into state corruption, propose any


Papers all over the state, including The News endorsed him. Voters overwhelmingly support him. Where is the

pressure going to come from to effect any meaningful change? Voters? Apparently not. Newspapers endorsements? Well, we’ve seen how that goes already.

A new attorney general-elect who states that Donald Trump is in the crosshairs? I suggest she start with New York first and let Congress handle the White House.

But I did read that, and again I quote, “will have zero tolerance for corruption of any kind…”

Well, we all shall see.

Vincent Morabito


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