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Letter: Refugees’ intentions are simply to survive

A recent anti-refugee letter refers to refugees as “individuals whose intentions are disguised.” The writer suggests “left wingers” (by which he means people who adhere to the biblical and Koranic mandate that you must offer shelter to the stranger) should “sponsor them…bring them (refugees) into their homes.”

I’ve done that on several occasions, usually with the help of my church, and so I support his suggestion, particularly for “left-wingers” in his sense of the word: people who adhere to biblical teachings. We should help refugees and maybe prevent little girls dying of thirst.

Still, I’d be interested to know how this writer “knows” that the refugees have secret, presumably evil intentions. Has he ever met a refugee? Talked with one? Or is it telepathy?

Isn’t it possible the little girl just wanted a drink of water?

Robert Dentan


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