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Letter: Left-wingers target law-abiding gun owners

To the wayward anti-gun reps, power brokers, educators and the ignorant, clambering for stricter gun laws, truth is more important!

We can no longer acknowledge constitutional attacks which defy facts. More important; what’s to become of our country if we continue down the wrong road trying to end the murderous ways of psychopaths, users, educators and those prescribing to their religious teachings?

Fact: Once our government has made it too difficult to own weapons we will no longer be able to defend ourselves from the dangers of living in or leaving our homes. Can we continue to ignore court records, educators insisting children accept their beliefs and politicians enacting laws for a living? All insisting on attacking our Constitution!

Plainly court records do show us who the real threats to our society are.

Why do we not hear more of this public data? Can you guess? The longer legal gun owners and those who live by our social rules bear the blame for heinous crimes, the longer real threats will spill Americans’ blood. The days are too numbered to tolerate the blind leading the blind in law makers chambers and the ignorant souls being played by those seeking infinite power.

Until anti-gun supporters show proof there is a correlation between decreed killers and law-abiding gun owners, who can say this won’t be America’s last hoorah? Isn’t our U.S. Constitution worth as much? What lies ahead for American’s without our Bill of Rights? Are we grasping what’s at risk?

Joseph Coia

West Seneca

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