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Letter: Educating ourselves on issues furthers reasonable discourse

This nation’s irrational and seemingly irreconcilable political differences are beginning to worry me. Yet, more concerning is the targeted animus that seems to be central to this divide. Political partisanship is understandable but personal hatreds, character assassinations and dishonest rhetoric have a festering, corrosive effect on the structure and strength of our union.

None of us should labor under the illusion that the United States undivided is forever permanent. After all, the history of nations is striking proof that quite the opposite is true. Differences not withstanding we, as a people owe it to ourselves and our fellow citizens to address issues and national problems intellectually and truthfully. Repeated and widely broadcast personal animosities are devastating to a republic. They diminish the power and effectiveness of government, disillusion citizens, cause a loss of faith in elected officials and strike at the very heart of our way of life. A way of life, unparalleled ever in the history of nations.

An educated and enlightened citizenry is the answer. We, each of us, personally has this responsibility…to become educated, to know the issues and the consequences of whatever it is that we as a nation undertake to do. Forget character assassinations; they violate what is best about us. Instead debate openly and discuss the issues with others and by God let’s be honest with one another. We want to preserve our friendships. Let’s not be politicians; let’s be good citizens, enlightened, committed and sincere.

Nicholas Mecca


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