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What's open and closed locally during federal shutdown

Customs officers are still manning booths at the Peace Bridge.

Air traffic controllers are still monitoring arrivals and departures at the Buffalo Niagara International Airport.

And doctors and nurses at the Veterans Affairs Medical Center are still treating patients.

The government shutdown is shuttering nine federal agencies, but the impact on services in Western New York is difficult for most people to see firsthand.

Even the Theodore Roosevelt Inaugural Site, part of the National Parks Service, is avoiding a shutdown.

"We will be open for business," Executive Director Stanton H. Hudson Jr. said Saturday.

Unlike the country's 58 national parks, which are now closed, the Delaware Avenue attraction is run by a local board of trustees and funded in part by a local foundation.

Hudson said that unique relationship persuaded the Parks Service to keep the site open.

At the other end of the state, Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo intervened Saturday to ensure the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island remained open despite the shutdown.

Cuomo, citing "Washington's dysfunction," said the state will pick up the cost of running the attractions.

"New York State will step up and ensure the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island remain open for the world to look to for strength and hope during this tumultuous time," the governor said in a statement.

For others, the shutdown means working without pay.

Hundreds of thousands of federal workers across the country who are considered "essential" employees – Customs and Border Protection agents, Coast Guard employees and National Weather Service meteorologists – are staying on the job but will have to wait for a paycheck.

The shutdown also will result in furloughed workers at the departments of Agriculture, Commerce, Transportation, Treasury, Interior, Justice and Housing and Urban Development.

Without those employees, some government services – routine government reports, permit applications, requests for disaster relief – might get shelved until the shutdown is over.

In contrast, other federal agencies, including Defense, Education and Health and Human Services, are unaffected.

Social Security, Medicaid and Medicare payments also will continue, and so will the trains operated by Amtrak and the mail delivered by the U.S. Postal Service.

Even though the Justice Department is affected by the shutdown, the federal court system will remain open.

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